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Feb. 2020 Duo show at

Dacia Gallery. 

Click to check out the show

Check out the article in ART MAG magazine featuring women artists from Art Basel 2019 (including me :)

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Feb. 2019 ...See my new work at

Newton Roux Gallery!

With Amy Pal, owner of

Newton Roux Gallery

Check out my solo exhibition at the Sidewalk Gallery! It can be viewed from the outside on the corner of Haviland and Main Street in South Norwalk. Click here to read full article about the exhibition

My piece "How Could I Have Known" in One Year of Resistance Exhibition in NYC recently featured in CNN Style Section!

Click here to see article...

Milford Arts Council Exhibition with my friend JPO Art and my Brigitte Bardot painting, 2018


My all women American Flag at the She Inspires opening at Untitled Space Gallery in Tribeca NY